You can use the chart widget to insert online charts made using the following third party providers:

Highcharts Cloud

Note: you will need to create an account directly with your chosen third party provider. Charts created with these providers are supported by Turtl but the providers software is not part of the Turtl platform itself.

Inserting a chart

To insert a chart, select the chart widget within the immerse editor

Paste the url of your completed chart into the URL box (find out more about which URL to use for your chosen provider below)

Analytics Label

Add a label for your chart so that you can identify it within the analytics later. You will be able to view how many readers clicked on the chart to view it and so a name you can easily recognise is recommended.

Which URL should you use?

Further information on the URL to use from each of the third party chart providers is below.

Highcharts Cloud

Use the share URL found within the publish section. 

Highcharts Cloud embed support details:
Share URL:
iFrame Code
: not supported
Inject Code
: not supported


Use the public URL found within the share options: 

ChartBlocks embed support details:
Public link
: supported
Embed code: not supported


Note: you can embed any content created on Infogram, including reports, infographics etc. using the same steps below.

Use the social media sharing url found via the share option in the editor.  

or via the share button on the graph itself:

Note: If the URL includes ?live at the end, remove the ?live before pasting the URL into Turtl.

Infogram embed support details:

Social Media:
Embed: is not supported, including the following;
• Responsive (Async)
• Responsive
• Fixed
• WordPress

Resizing your chart thumbnail

Find out more about how to resize your chart thumbnail and other widgets here and how to add captions here.

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