Standard Turtl domains and story links

Turtl provides you with your own domain for Turtl content. These always end in and allow us to quickly and easily provide customers with branded links for their content. For example:

Stories contain the domain name and an ID for the Story, such as, as standard to help you publicise your content. 

However, it is also possible to configure Turtl to use your own company domain in these links, for example This provides an additional level of branding for your content and ensures that any PageRank benefits arising from your Stories are attributable to your company domain name.

Getting started

Follow the steps below to start using your custom domain with Turtl.

1. Ask your IT department to set up a CNAME record which points your chosen domain to your Turtl domain. For example, if you want to use and your Turtl domain is, the CNAME record should be:

2.  Send an email to We will configure Turtl accordingly.

3. Please note: if you would like to use SSL on your custom domain there is currently a charge of £50 per month.

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