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Learn how to set up your Team's discoverability

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If you are an Admin or Global admin on your Team, you can define whether you want the Team to be discoverable for potential new members or not.


  • Team sign-up mode is available only to customers with this feature enabled.

  • Additional users may be subject to charge, depending on the terms of your Turtl Plan.

There are three options available:

  • Invitation only - Here, new members can join the Team only if they receive an invitation within Turtl. Find out more about inviting users here.

  • Discoverable but open only after the Admin’s approval - This setting allows potential new users with emails from the specified domain* to discover the Team, but they need to request the Admin or Global Admin’s approval before joining.

  • Discoverable and open to anyone with a specific domain* - With this setting, new users with emails from the specified domain can discover and join the Team without requiring Admin approval.

Note: For the last two options, Admins and Global Admins will need to specify a domain (e.g. Only users with the specified email domain can discover the Team in question.

You can further set default user permissions, which include user license type, any additional permissions, default Workspace, and role in that Workspace.

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