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Learn how to set up your Leadfeeder Tracker with your Turtl Doc

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The Leadfeeder Tracker is a small piece of Javascript that is placed in your Turtl Doc that can help identify anonymous readers. In addition to Turtl’s own analytics, Leadfeeder is a great tool that is able to track and identify companies that read your Turtl Doc and receive contact information of potential stakeholders from those interested prospects. To set this up for your Turtl Doc, we will need your custom tracker script from your Leadfeeder account. (Follow this support article from Leadfeeder to set up an account.)

1. Add Turtl Doc to your Leadfeeder account

In your Leadfeeder company settings, add the URL of your published Turtl Doc to the “+ Add a new account'' option.

Once you click "Continue", you will be redirected to your Leadfeeder tracker script. (If you don't get redirected, you can find your Tracker Script in Personal Settings>Company>Website Tracker>Tracker script

Copy the code snippet and send it to the Turtl Support team at support@turtl.co.

2. Preview Setup

Once we complete the setup, you will be able to see which company viewed your Turtl Doc in the All Leads section of your Leadfeeder dashboard. To see which specific Doc was viewed, click on your Lead and check the URL listed in Activity.

Here you can see more detailed information on how long the reader visited your Turtl Doc, and how much time was spent on each page. You can learn more about Leadfeeder’s feed export here.

Interested in more analytics? Check out Turtl’s Analytics Hub.

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