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Learn how to personalize images and videos in your Turtl Doc
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Note: Personalization is available only to customers with this feature enabled. If you’re interested in setting up personalization on your account, reach out to your CSM or contact

You can set up your Surf and Immerse page images and videos to be personalized. This means that users can change the imagery in your Doc simply using the personalization form. This can be a very powerful way to make your Turtl Docs more unique and make your readers feel valued and engaged.

Let’s look at some possible use cases for image and video personalization:

  • Sales teams can use images or videos to introduce themselves to potential customers so they can make quicker sales and close more deals

  • Product marketing teams can easily deliver content tailored to different use cases

  • Onboarding teams can introduce new employees to their teams and even add in a personalized video to talk them through the company and team goals

There are also so many other possibilities and benefits. Let’s take a look at how to personalize images and videos in your Turtl Docs.

Personalizing images

Step 1: Adding tokens to your image

For Surf images, hover over your image in the "Media" section of the toolbar on the right and click the personalization icon. Here you can add a new personalization token or select from any existing tokens. Add your token and click “confirm”.

To add tokens to Immerse images, hover over your image and click on the personalization icon in the toolbar above.

Step 2: Build your form

Navigate to the personalization tab to build your form. Here you can add a field and select the token you’ve just created on the Surf or Immerse image. If you want the personalizer to be able to add a URL to replace the current image add the “single line” field to your form. However, if you want them to upload an image from their computer, add the “file upload” field.

Note: The file-upload field is not to be used when creating a public personalization form, as this would cause a security risk.

Step 3: Test it out

Make sure to create a test personalization from your Master Doc to check it is set up correctly.

Personalizing Immerse videos

Personalizing Immerse videos using the video widget is currently only available using Vidyard. See our article here on how to Embed videos using Vidyard. Personalizing your video widget works in the same way as adding to Immerse images above.

When creating your personalization form add the “single line” field and select the token you’ve created for your video widget.

Make sure to create a test personalization by pasting in a Vidyard video URL into your personalization form and see your video update.

Personalized cover videos

You can add personalized videos via Vidyard or Bombomb that will appear on the cover of your Doc. You don't need to add any tokens to your Doc in order to do this, simply add the Vidyard or Bombomb fields to your personalization form.

Read more about the setup for Bombomb videos here, or how to add the Vidyard field here.

By default, this will be displayed on the cover of your Doc. Please contact your Turtl representative if you'd like to add advanced styles to your theme.

Find out more about setting up tokens to personalize:

We also offer these training videos as part of our onboarding:

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