Embedding Vidyard Videos

Find out how to add Vidyard videos to your Immerse pages

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You can use the Video Widget to embed Vidyard videos to Immerse pages in just a few simple steps.

Navigate to your video library.

Hover over the video you want to add to your Doc and click this share button.

Enable "Embed on a site" (you can disable this after getting the link).

Copy the code by clicking the "</> Copy Code" button.

Your code will look like this:

<script type="text/javascript" async src="https://play.vidyard.com/embed/v4.js"></script>
  style="width: 100%; margin: auto; display: block;"

Your URL is located here:

Your URL does not need the .jpg at the end and will look like the example below if copied correctly.


Insert your video

Within the immerse editor, place your cursor where you want to insert your video and select the video widget.

Paste the copied embed URL.

Add a label so that you can identify this video within the analytics later. You will be able to view how many times your video was watched and the average viewing time. It's a good idea to use a label that you will easily recognize as this video later.

Once you have completed the details, select OK. A thumbnail of your video will now be visible within your content and your readers will be able to view the video directly from within your Turtl Doc.

Resizing your video

Find out more about how to resize your video and other widgets here.

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