Configuring Your Marketo REST Integration

Learn how to get Turtl and Marketo talking to one another

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Turtl and Marketo can share data to provide features such as individual reader profiles.

1. Tell us to enable the integration

Contact or your Customer Success Manager to get the integration enabled on your account.

Note: All Teams within the tenant will have access to the available integrations.

2. Find your Client ID and Client Secret

Within the main Marketo menu, navigate to the Admin > Integration > LaunchPoint page. Copy the Client Id and Client Secret values.

3. Find your Endpoint and Identity in the REST API box

Navigate back to the Admin page and open the Web Services page. Within the REST API section copy the Endpoint and Identity values.

4. Input your details

Once the integration has been enabled you will be able to see the "Manage integrations" option in your user settings.

Give your integration a label and enter your authentication details into the Marketo Rest tab and click save.

5. Start tracking leads from forms and lead capture URLs

You'll now be able to review the individual reading journeys of anyone who fills in a Marketo form within Turtl or opens a lead capture URL sent from Marketo.

Read our guides below to learn more about these features:

Add an additional Marketo integration

If you need to add another Marketo Rest integration just click Add an additional Marketo Rest integration and follow the instructions in steps 2 - 4 again.

Note: Any additional integration will need to be applied to a specific workspace or Doc by Turtl's technical support team. Contact your CSM or for more information.

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