Using Drift with Turtl

Learn how you can use Drift bots within Turtl to create deeper reader engagement.

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Note: Drift chatbot functionality is currently in beta. Please speak to your Customer Success Manager if you would like to be included in the beta program and provide them with your Drift Code Snippet as described here under "Installing the Code".

Core concepts

As a reader interacts with a Turtl Doc, they take a variety of different actions such as turning pages, answering poll questions, and interacting with images. These actions can be used to trigger Drift bots, allowing you to reach out with chat functionality to readers at exactly the right moment.

This simple concept supports a variety of use cases, such as:

  1. Starting a Drift bot when a user answers a poll question

  2. Connecting the reader up to a sales agent when they reach a certain page

  3. Creating CTA buttons to let readers request further information via a Drift bot

Getting started

Firstly, as this is a beta feature, please speak to your Customer Success Manager to have the functionality enabled for your account.

With the functionality enabled, Turtl will start creating events which Drift can receive and respond to. You can see these events by opening the developer console in your web browser and looking for log items such as driftKey=1/4 or driftKey=1/1/poll:yes. These events will be continually generated as you navigate around your document and take different actions:

To begin responding to these events, first copy the entry that appears directly after the event you wish to use as a trigger.

For example: submit a poll answer, then copy the event appearing at the bottom of your console.

Next, create your Drift playbook as usual and then go to "Targeting". Here, create a rule to show the playbook when "Cookie" matches the value you copied above:

Save your playbook and return to Turtl. Reload your Doc, and your playbook will appear when you take the trigger action you copied previously:

Taking it further

As Drift functionality is in beta, Turtl only generates a handful of events for Drift to respond to. If your event doesn't seem to be covered at present, please speak to your Customer Success Manager.

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