Your Turtl analytic dashboards allow you to measure and monitor the performance of your content. Scheduled data delivery helps you make the most out of these content insights by regularly importing Turtl analytics into your external analytics platforms.

How it works

Turtl generates analytics snapshots, example, daily and delivers these as CSV files to your AWS S3 bucket or STFP server. Once you’ve received the file, you can import your Turtl data into your preferred external analytics platform:

Getting started

Follow the steps below to set up scheduled data delivery with Turtl

1. First, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Turtl Support with the details of your preferred data delivery platform.

For AWS S3, please provide the following:

  • Region: string, an AWS region - for example eu-west-1

  • Access_key_id: string, an AWS access key ID

  • Secret_access_key: string, an AWS access key secret

  • Path: string, the S3 bucket path where data is going to be delivered

For SFTP, SSH keys, or username and password will need to be exchanged and set up.

2. After you’ve sent over your credentials, we’ll do the rest. Your Customer Success Manager will be in touch once the data delivery is set up and ready to go.

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