With the commenting feature, adding, resolving, and replying to comments speeds up content sign-off and leads to a smoother publishing process.

When you share a Doc with a colleague who has the Reviewer role and is added to the correct workspace, they can open the comment section using the comment button in the top right of the document. This icon appears next to the Edit button when you're viewing a Doc.

From there, they can leave comments on Surf or Immerse pages for the author to reply to or resolve.

How do I leave a comment?

Open any Turtl Doc and you’ll see the comment icon in the top right corner. Click it, and you can start leaving comments on Surf or Immerse pages. Your comment will be left directly on the page that you have opened in your viewing window.

Which roles can leave comments?

All roles can leave comments. However, you can assign the role of Reviewer to users that will review the Doc. Adding users in the Reviewer role is free of charge.

How do I know if there are comments on my Doc?

The author and any user that has left a comment on a Turtl Doc will get an email notification about newly written comments. You can also see the unresolved comments icon next to a Turtl Doc in the Doc list.

What’s the best way to leave comments?

Once you’ve opened the commenting feature, set your filters at the top of the window to Current page and Unresolved. Then go through the Doc and add comments on any Surf or Immerse pages.

What’s the best way to resolve comments?

Set your filters at the top of the commenting window to All Pages and Unresolved. You’ll see the list of all the comments left on all pages. Next, simply click through the list comment by comment and you’ll be automatically taken to the page where the comment was left.

Then, click Reply to type a message in response or click Resolve to remove the comment.

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