Turtl automatically generates a mobile version of your content. You can see what this mobile version looks like at any time by clicking the mobile preview button in the top right of the editor.

If your Surf image isn't in the right place on mobile view, simply crop and move the image. Don't worry about the effect of this on your desktop version - your mobile image crop won't change the Surf image in your desktop view. This means you can make sure your image is in the perfect place on both views.

You can click and drag your content to change the order it appears on mobile.

Please note: this will also change the order of your content in desktop view unless it is pinned in place. More information on pinning can be found here.

Image settings for mobile

There are three image settings available for mobile.

Bleed makes the images go all the way to the edge of the screen.

Inset keeps the regular margin/gutter on the left and right.

Hide doesn't show the image on mobile at all. It will only be displayed on the desktop version.

These settings are also available on widgets like feature boxes and polls.

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