You can use the pinning option with any of your Immerse widgets to;

  •  fix them to certain positions on a page, so that the rest of your content flows around them
  • and to span the widget across multiple columns

Using this feature can help you to create variation in your Immerse levels (when viewed in landscape mode by the reader) and achieve the polished look you are after for your content.

Enabling the pinning settings for your widget

Access the pinning settings by hovering over your widget and selecting pinning from the menu.

Enable the pinning settings for your widget by turning the toggle on/off

Spanning your widget across multiple columns 

Select how many columns that you would like to span your widget across using the span drop down menu 

Fixing your content to a point on a page

Select the position and page that you want to fix your content to using the positioning and page drop down menus. 

Note: you can choose 1 column within the span drop-down if you would like to fix your widget without spanning multiple columns.


When your content is viewed in landscape mode (e.g on a computer or large tablet) 

Your widget will now be fixed to the selected point on the Immerse page, regardless of the position of the widget within your Immerse content in the editor. Any content that you add to the Immerse level will flow around the widget.

When your content is viewed in portrait mode (e.g on mobile)

Your widget will be visible exactly as the position of the widget within your content in the Immerse editor. Therefore, it is important to check you are happy with the positioning in the editor too, we suggest using the mobile preview to double check your content. 

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