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How to turn off SEO indexing for your Turtl Docs

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Turtl Docs can be indexed by all major search engines and form a complementary part of your content strategy when used alongside blogs, web pages and so on.

H1, H2, and H3 tags are on every Turtl page. The top H1 tag is the title you give the Turtl Doc, and H2 is the Doc description. The other H2 and H3 tags are the Surf page heading and the subheading of each section. Learn more about SEO for your Turtl Docs here!

If however, you do not want your Turtl Doc to be indexed, you can turn indexing off in Settings. To do so follow these steps: 

1. Navigate to the settings of your chosen Turtl Doc:

2. Go to the access control tab, which lets you change who can read your Turtl Doc. If your Doc is set to Public on the web, Google will automatically index it. Choose any other option and Google will not index the Doc. 

Reach out to us at support@turtl.co if you have any other questions.

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