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Inserting a Matterport Tour
Inserting a Matterport Tour

How to insert a Matterport tour into your content

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Matterport provides interactive virtual walkthroughs in 3D and these can be embedded directly into your Turtl Docs. 

If you would like to insert a Matterport Tour, please contact your Customer Success Manager or to enable the Matterport widget in your editor.

How to insert a Matterport Tour into your Doc

You must have a Matterport account in order to get the embed link to add to Turtl Docs.

To get the embed link, please see the instructions below:

  1. Log in to your Matterport account.

  2. Select the 3D model.

  3. Click the 3 dots on the right side.

  4. Select "Share & Invite".

  5. "Click Copy Embed" at the top.

Return to the Turtl editor and click the Matterport tour button.

Paste the code into the Source tab and click UPLOAD.

Once you have completed the details, a thumbnail of your Matterport widget will now be visible and your readers will be able to view the tour directly from your Turtl Doc.

Example of a preview window within the Turl Doc.

Note: You are unable to see the embed code if you are not the owner of the model or until it is shared with you.

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