Setting up your HubSpot integration allows you to share data between your platforms and access individual reader insights via the known reader dashboard. This guide shows you how to get things off the ground:

1. Tell us to enable the integration

Contact your Customer Success Manager or the Support Team at: to get the integration enabled on your account.

2. Authorize the integration

Once the integration has been enabled, click ‘Manage integrations’ from the drop-down menu on your account, in the top left corner of Turtl.

Go to the HubSpot tab and click Add an additional HubSport Integration

Give your integration a label, click Connect HubSpot and follow the instructions presented by Hubspot.

This will redirect you to Hubspot. If you have multiple Hubspot accounts, Hubspot will ask you which of them you wish to connect to Turtl. See below:

After you select an account, Hubspot will ask you to confirm the integration, and list the content Turtl will be able to access in your account.

Once you complete these steps, you will be redirected back to your Hubspot Integration page in Turtl. You’ll see a success message and receive confirmation that your account is connected.

3. Start tracking leads from forms and lead capture URLs

You'll now be able to review the individual reading journeys of anyone who fills in a HubSpot form within Turtl or opens a lead capture URL sent from HubSpot.

Read our guides below to learn more about these features:

How to get individual reader analytics

Embedding a HubSpot form

Emailing lead capture URLs with HubSpot

Add an additional HubSpot integration

If you need to add another HubSpot integration just click Add an additional HubSpot integration and follow the instructions in step 2.

Please note that any additional integration will need to be applied to a specific workspace or Doc by our Turtl's technical support team. Contact your CSM or for more information.

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