You can resize, pin, and move widgets (images, videos, etc) on an Immerse page in the editor preview windows without needing to access any of the settings menus.

Watch our video to find out more:

Or follow the guide below:

Where can you use drag and drop?

You can use the drag and drop functionality from the main preview window:

or in the Immerse editor preview window:

How do you use drag and drop?

You can use drag and drop functionality on any of the Immerse widgets, simply move your mouse over the widget that you want to edit and you'll see a grey border appear:

How do you change a widget height?

Use the handles on the widget border to resize to the desired size (note you will need to pin the widget to resize across multiple columns, please see below):

Using pinning

You can use the pinning option with any of your Immerse widgets to;

  • Fix them to certain positions on a page, so that the rest of your content flows around them

  • Span the widget across multiple columns

  • Drag and drop your widgets to another location within your Immerse page

Note: The image, video, and Matterport tour widgets can use the full bleed functionality and be dragged to the very edge of the immerse pages.

How do you turn pinning on?

Toggle the pinning icon in the top right corner of the widget. When the item pin has been activated the widget border will turn purple.

How do you resize widgets across multiple columns?

Drag the border of the widget to resize to your desired size. Once the widget has been pinned you can drag the widget to span multiple columns:

How do you move your widget?

Hover over your widget so that you can see the move icon and then drag the widget to the desired location.

How do you change the focus of an image?

If you want to change the focus of an image within the border, press the alt key, and then reposition your image to the desired location. Release alt for your new image crop to be saved.


For layout inspiration, check out the Turtl Docs below:

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