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You can create bookmarks within your Immerse levels that act as reference points within your content. Once you have these in place you can then link to them from other pages or chapters within your Turtl Doc.

Creating a bookmark

Within your Immerse content, place your cursor where you would like to insert the bookmark, and then select the bookmark icon from the editing panel.

Name your bookmark so that you can identify and link to it later.

The bookmark icon will appear in your Immerse text so that you can check it is placed correctly and identify any bookmarks when editing. 

You can also add a bookmark to any widget (feature box, image, etc) within your content. Simply click on the widget and select the bookmark icon and add the name of the bookmark as seen below.

Editing your bookmark

To edit your bookmark hover over the bookmark icon with your mouse until the editing menu appears, then select an option.

Move your bookmark

You can move your bookmark, by using the arrow icon to drag your bookmark to another position.

Rename your bookmark

Select the settings icon to rename your bookmark

Delete your bookmark

Use the delete icon to delete your bookmark completely.

Note: If you have linked to this bookmark elsewhere in your content, be sure to also go and remove the link.

Linking to your bookmark

Create a link from your Immerse content to your bookmark by highlighting the text you want to link and selecting the hyperlink icon in the editing panel.

Simply highlight the text, click the link button (or press ctrl/cmd + k), select the page, and then choose the bookmark.

Find out more about linking to other pages in your Turtl Doc here.

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