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As part of your brand theme, you may have special styling for the Text Box widget. This allows you to insert text and apply pre-defined styles which are completely different or slight variants to your standard body text formatting. This may include colored boxes, which are plain or that include special icons. Below is an example of a text inserted in the Text Box. 

Inserting text into a Text Box widget

Within the Immerse editor place your cursor where you would like to insert your Text Box or highlight the text that you'd like to include in the Text Box. Select the Text Box widget.

Your text will automatically be inserted into the Text Box. Alternatively, you can type or paste your text directly. You can utilize the formatting tools on the left, such as heading styles, bold, italics, etc. as normal to style your text.

You may have more than one Text Box style available. To use a different Text Box style, hover over the Text box to access the options menu and select the settings icon.

Select your Text Box style from the drop-down list

Your Text Box is now ready within your text. Use the content preview to see how it looks.

Resizing and positioning your Text Box

Find out more about how to resize your Text Box and other widgets here.

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