If we have integrated with your SSO provider you will now be able to:

  • Ensure that Turtl users enter their SSO credentials to login to the Turtl platform.
  • Protect internal business content so that all company employees must enter their SSO details to read a Turtl Story. This will ensure that readers external to your company are unable to access your internal content.

Ensuring that a Turtl user enters their SSO credentials to login to Turtl.

For an existing user, or when creating a new user ensure that the SSO option is ticked:

Applying the Internal access control policy

If you would like your readers to enter SSO details to read your Turtl Story, you will need to apply the Internal access control policy.

Navigate to the main Story listing page and use the options menu for your Story to select Settings.

Select the Access Control tab and then Select Internal as the access policy using the drop down menu. 

Readers will now have to enter their SSO details in order to access your Story (or be logged into the Turtl platform already).

Checking that the correct policy is applied

A status banner is shown for each Story which has a restricted access policy applied (internal, private or email and password) in the main Stories list. Check your Story now shows the internal banner:

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