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[beta] Checklist for refining your converted Turtl Doc
[beta] Checklist for refining your converted Turtl Doc

After importing your PDF, these are the steps to take to ensure your PDF translated nicely into Turtl

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After you've converted your PDF into a Turtl Doc, it's important to review and make any desired changes before publishing and sharing. Below is a helpful checklist of changes to look out for when reviewing your Doc.


  • Check that the Cover heading and subheading pulled through correctly from the PDF.

Surf/Chapter Splits

  • Ensure you’re happy with how the content has been split into chapters. If you’d like to move Immerse pages to different chapters, you can easily copy and paste. Check out this article to learn how.

  • Check that all of the Surf headings/subheadings have been pulled through correctly from the PDF.

Immerse/Page Layouts

  • Check that all of the Immerse headings and subheadings have been pulled through correctly from the PDF.

  • Double-check that all of the text has been extracted from the PDF. A quick way to do this is to check the first and last paragraph of each page.

  • Check over the layouts of the pages and make any tweaks to the design that you’d like. If you need any design inspiration, take a look at our best-in-class Turtl designs or, if you’re still learning the basics of Turtl, look out for the in-app tours.

  • Double-check that any hyperlinks have been pulled through from the PDF and are linked in the Doc.

  • If 'AI content enrich' was toggled on, check that you’re happy with any generated interactivity e.g. polls and quotes and make any tweaks you’d like to.


  • Check that any imagery you want to use from the PDF has been pulled through. When we convert PDFs into Turtl Docs, we may filter out images that are poorer quality, but you can easily access all of the images from the PDF in the media library within the 'PDF images tab' and add them anywhere in the Doc (see GIFs below).

  • Occasionally images from the PDF may have been used more than once throughout the Doc. If you'd like to replace any, you can easily do this by clicking on the image under 'Media' on Surf or if the image is in Immerse, hover over the image and click on 'Edit image URL'.

  • If 'AI image suggestions' was toggled on, ensure you're happy with any images generated during conversion. Follow the steps above if you’d like to update any images.

If you had any layered images and text in your PDF, double check that they were all flagged during the conversion. If text has been flattened into the image, you may want to include it as text in the editor so that you can edit it.

Back Cover

  • Check the back cover and ensure any information you’d like is included.


  • Before publishing and sharing, check that you’re happy with the mobile preview. Take a look at this article to learn how to optimise content for mobile.

If you need any assistance with finishing your Doc or have any questions, please reach out to for assistance.

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