Using markdown to control how text appears in personalized docs

Find out how to add text formatting to your personalizations

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Note: This feature is available for personalization customers only. If you’re interested in getting personalization set up on your account, reach out to your CSM or contact

You can customize your Personalizations text using markdown. Markdown is a lightweight markup language that is often used for formatting text on the web. It allows users to add formatting to their text without the need for HTML tags. In this article, we will cover some examples of using markdown to personalize text in multi-line fields.

Note: Markdown is only supported in the Multi-line field of the form builder.

List of supported markdowns in Turtl


Markdown Syntax


(Applicable only for Immerse text)

# H1

## H2

### H3


**bold text**


*italicized text*

Ordered List

1. First item

2. Second item

3. Third item

Unordered List

- First item

- Second item

- Third item




When to use Markdown

You get started by first adding the Multi-line field to your personalization form.

The field has to have the appropriate personalization token chosen.

Once the field is added, enable the Markdown option under the Advanced tab.

Markdowns can be used in both Surf and Immerse pages. A personalization token has to be added to the Doc for the text to get populated.

Personalization token example on Surf:

Personalization token example on Immerse:

Please note: There has to be enough space allocated in the Text box widget to see all the populated text.

Markdown examples

After your Doc is all set, you can move on to personalizing it. Let’s look at some examples.

Surf page markdown using the bold and link elements:

Visit us at our website at **[](**


Immerse page markdown using the Heading 2, Italic, Unordered List, and Bold elements:

## Which bear is your favourite?
- Polar bear
- Panda bear
- Grizzly bear

*Answer* **Panda**


That's it! These are simple, but powerful tools for formatting text. Happy Turtl surfing!

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