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A tool to have in your toolbox prior to Publication

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POV: You've put the hours in and created a slick looking Doc. You've spent enough time in the Immerse content editor to be able to close your eyes and point to where a widget sits on the page. You think you're ready to hit the Publish button, but feel as though there still could be something more to add, or an avenue you have not considered - perhaps you're in need of an elaborate and concise checklist to run through prior to publication.

That's where we come in. Creating any piece of content - no matter the forum - takes time and a precise eye to spot imperfections. This can become increasingly difficult with the more time the creator spends looking at the piece of content.

Have no fear - we have a Content Review Guide to offer different things to consider while creating a Doc. This guide offers helpful questions, customer examples, pro tips, how-to videos, and and even a summary checklist.

Click on the Doc below to review the Guide to see what you can amend or add to your Doc for best-in-class content.

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