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Expert Q&A: How to approach mobile design in Turtl
Expert Q&A: How to approach mobile design in Turtl

Ensuring your Docs stand-out on the smaller screen.

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Abbie Freeman - Content Studio Freelancer

Q: How do you approach designing for mobile view in Turtl?

A: Keep it clean! I'll always have it in mind as I'm designing, even if it's primarily a desktop-first piece of content.

Q: What makes a good mobile experience?

A: It should be clean and uncluttered, with a few important highlights. Images should sit with the text, not interrupt them. If there are long, portrait images that are purely there for decoration – hide them. We want to minimize unnecessary scrolling.

Q: Do you consider mobile view in tandem with designing for desktop, or work on mobile view after?

A: I tend to work on mobile view afterwards, but I’m always thinking of mobile – I often find myself taking notes as I design for desktop for elements that may need extra attention on mobile.

Q: What techniques do you use to ensure a clean mobile view?

A: On Surf, make the most of being able to crop independently of desktop. On Immerse, hiding and showing is key. I use the percentages in the new mobile settings to ensure images sit correctly within the hierarchy of the rest of the design.

Q: How do you review your designs on mobile?

A: Grab your phone! You can either send yourself the draft link to open via your phone, or try this handy Chrome browser extension that you can add to your browser and create a QR Code to open up your Doc on your phone in no time. Before you send out a high-profile piece of content, it never hurts to check across multiple devices and screen sizes.

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