How to win with widgets Q&A

Content Designer Ellie talks widgets and all the best ways to use everything from polls to charts.

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Ellie O'Callaghan - Content Designer

Q: What’s the big fuss about widgets?

A: Widgets are great! They can make a big impact on the way the reader experiences your Doc. They offer interactivity and the ability to bring in elements from other sources. No more static reports!

Q: Do widgets have any impact on analytics or engagement?

A: Absolutely! Analytics are collected from when you add a simple zoom interaction to an image, all the way through to an explorable Matterport tour. In my experience, adding widgets has always increased engagement, even a single poll.

Q: How do you work widgets into your layouts?

A: Widgets should complement and enhance your original content. Working them into a layout needn't be complicated – free-flow text wraps around pinned widgets so you can be more flexible with the layout within the column grid. You can use widgets to make the layout more editorial by increasing the white space using plain feature boxes, or make data in a report the star of the show by using the chart widget. If you ever get stuck with using any of the widgets, the Turtl Help Center has great step-by-step guidance!

Q: What would you say is widget best practice?

A: Including widgets such as a poll early on in the doc increases engagement from the reader right off the bat. Also, layering interactive and non-interactive widgets (such as polls on top of images) adds depth and visual interest.

Q: What shouldn’t designers do with widgets?

A: Try not to crowd Immerse with so many interactive widgets (polls, maps, charts, videos, PDFs, audio) that it confuses the reader and makes the content too busy.

Q: What’s your go-to widget?

A: My go-to widget is the plain feature box!

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