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Gain design inspiration for a variety of use cases through these stand-out Customer Docs.

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There ain't no holiday like a Parkdean holiday

In this use case, Parkdean wanted to highlight the 67 locations and the amenities each one offers - which raised the challenge of attention and kept the readers engaged enough to visit the "Booking Page" Surf section. Parkdean's usage of bright colors and unique feature box shapes brought this informational, long-form content Doc to life. At the start of the Doc, an Immerse Contents Page aids readers with useful internal links that provide a clear picture of everything included. With so much ground to cover, the column layouts throughout the Doc make the information easy to digest, mainly through the usage of bullet points, vivid custom imagery, and charts to help visualize data.

Make Veganuary Exceptional

Garden Gourmet's Veganuary Doc stands out due to sharp and striking images on both the Surf and Immerse pages. With minimal supporting text, this Doc tells a story with images. The varying image sizes on the Immerse pages guide the readers’ eye to refresh their working memory with each page turn. Readers beware; there is a good chance this Doc leaves you hungry!

ONE Magazine: Issue 61

HWCA's Issue 61 is a long-form Customer Relations magazine, compiled of opinion pieces and stories. The Immerse Contents page immediately adds a nice touch as it helps readers jump to certain sections of the magazine. As you read the Doc here, strong portraits of the speakers stretch the entirety of a column, which helps to break up the text-heavy pages. The quote widget compliments the pieces nicely to help target a reader’s eye to a key takeaway from the piece.

CIO/Adobe: Guide to Developing a Living Enterprise

Right off the bat, Adobe's informational guide is eye-catching and appealing with an animated Surf video. This Doc is a prime example of how placing an image, poll, or quote on a text-heavy page can help to keep your readers engaged. Differing column layouts in the Immerse sections provide a clean, new look on each section. The differing columns are complimented well by multiple podcasts and quotes embedded throughout.

Manpower Group | Working to Change the World

Manpower Group embodies the theme of starting their well-designed Doc out strong with a Surf video that is inextricably linked to the text. Manpower's utilizes white space as the interactive widgets sit neatly on the Immerse pages with space remaining around them. Differing column formats in each section create a feel that no Immerse section in the Doc looks the same.

Genesis | GV70

Genesis' product guide Doc immediately wow's with a striking, commercial-esque Surf Video. As readers enter the Doc, white space (which you can learn more about here) is utilized, providing an editorial feel. The well-formatted Immerse sections act as an image library, hosting different features of the vehicle with supporting text descriptions below each.

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