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Changing your zoom level in your browser
Changing your zoom level in your browser

How to set your zoom in Turtl to ensure the best performance

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When editing Docs in Turtl it’s important to ensure the zoom in your browser is set to 100%. This is because of two reasons. One is that most of your readers will have their browsers set to the default 100% and so editing with the same setting shows an accurate representation of what your readers will see. Zooming in, or out, in the editor can also cause bugs to occur while you edit. This is because the Turtl editor is made up of complicated code that the browser can struggle to display correctly when the zoom settings vary.

Common known issues due to varying zoom settings:

  • Performance in the editor can be slower than usual, for example, slow flipping between pages and dragging of pinned widgets

  • Text can appear duplicated, overlap with other text, or cut off slightly a the top or bottom of the page

  • Issues when using the immerse outline feature to copy/paste and move around pages

  • Pinned widgets can become unpinned, causing content to move around

How to check your browser zoom settings

If using Chrome, click on the three dots in the top right corner of the browser. You’ll see an option for zoom, make sure this is set to 100%. If using Firefox, you’ll find the same zoom option by clicking on the three lines in the same place as in Chrome.

Note: If you amend the zoom settings whilst in the editor, the screen will not resize correctly and may cut off some of the editor from view. Simply refresh the editor and you’ll be able to use Turtl as normal.

Windows resolution settings

Sometimes Window's resolution can also default to 150% on your device. If you use a windows device it’s useful to ensure that your resolution is set to 100%.

To check this, go to your Windows start menu and select Settings > System > Display > select Scale & Layout > check if it’s set to greater than 100%.

If you have any further questions or issues please contact the support team via live chat or email

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