In the Turtl editor, you can use a whole array of different shortcuts on your keyboard to speed up the time editing your Doc. Below are all the different options you can use.

Adjust the focal point of an image or video thumbnail

When an image is uploaded to Turtl, it's automatically sized to fit the column layout. In some cases, you might want to adjust the focal point of the image so the subject (e.g. a person) is clear.

Alt+click+drag - Hover your mouse over an image or video thumbnail in the Immerse preview. Hold down the Alt key and move the mouse until you find the right focal point.

Cut, copy and paste

Ctrl/Cmd+X – Cuts text to clipboard.

Ctrl/Cmd+C – Copies text to clipboard.

Ctrl/Cmd+V – Pastes text from clipboard.

Undo and redo

Ctrl/Cmd+Z, Cmd+shift+Z – Undo.

Ctrl/Cmd+Y – Redo.

Text editing

Enter (return) – Ends a paragraph and starts a new one.

Shift+enter – Adds a line break.

Tab – Advances cursor and bullet points to next tab stop.

Ctrl/Alt+backspace – Deletes a word.

Ctrl/Cmd+A+backspace – Deletes all content in an immerse section.

Text styling

Ctrl/Cmd+B – Applies bold formatting to text.

Ctrl/Cmd+I – Applies italics formatting to text.

Ctrl/Cmd+U – Applies underline formatting to text.

Adding links

Ctrl/Cmd+L – Selects url in address bar.

*Cmd = Apple
*Ctrl = Windows

You can also adjust the letter spacing if to get rid of widows and orphans in the editor. For details on how to do this Find out more about adjusting line spacing here

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