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How to create and set up personalization tokens

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Note: Personalization is available only to customers with this feature enabled. If you’re interested in setting up personalization on your account, reach out to your CSM or contact

Creating personalization tokens is the first out of three steps in setting up Turtl Docs for personalization.

Tokens are simply words that are replaced during personalization. When someone fills out a personalization form, the information entered into the form replaces the token.

This can be useful for pulling through names of clients, companies and anything else from the personalization form.

Any user with editing access can add personalization tokens into any Doc.

Tip: You can also add personalization tokens to surf images, immerse pages and videos.

Select your text

When setting up a Doc for personalization, add personalization tokens by highlighting any text you want and clicking the lightning icon.

Select your token

Click on the personalization icon, then select a token from the pop up menu.

You can also create a new token by inputting the word and selecting 'Create new token'

You will now see your token has been added in the Heading with '%' signs on either side.


You need to add a token to your Doc title to pull through a personalized title and make your personalization easier to find later. The titles of personalizations already created won't automatically update if you change the title in your master Doc.

Your token should best describe the personalizable element, for example, ‘fname’ for a first name or ‘phone’ for phone number.

Make sure your token naming is consistent, for example, that you’ve used %fname% to represent a first name throughout instead of variations like %firstname% or %name%.

Also, please note that tokens are case-sensitive. If the token used in the personalization form is 'Name', its value will not pull through if there is %name% in the Doc.

Tokens should not include any special characters - for example, commas, periods, parentheses, dashes, numbers, or spaces.

Tokens can include underscores. Example: %first_name%

Personalization tokens should have a length ranging from 3 to 30 characters.

As a best practice, aim to create all tokens in lowercase. There is nothing to stop you from using uppercase, however, wherever possible it is best to keep the format consistent.

Where can I add the tokens?

  • Anywhere where you can input text:

    • Surf page heading and subheading

    • Free-flowing text in the Immerse

    • Text widget

    • Poll widget text

    • Quote widget text

    • Back cover page inputs

  • On Surf page media:

  • Image, Video, or Table widget:

You can also watch a training video Setting up a Turtl Doc for Personalization

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