When embedding a third-party form into a Turtl Doc, Turtl can add information to the form by automatically populating a specific set of fields.

When creating your form, you can add the following form fields and their corresponding names:

  • “Turtl Doc ID” populates a field with the name ttl_story_id

  • “Turtl Doc URL” populates a field with the name ttl_story_link

  • “Turtl Doc title” populates a field with the name ttl_story_title

An example of an HTML code snippet is:

<input type='hidden' name='ttl_story_title'/>

<input type='hidden' name='ttl_story_link'/>

<input type='hidden' name='ttl_story_id'/>

Note: Depending on the provider the process may be slightly different, but the same principle applies.

Tip: Search in the form provider’s documentation for information on how to add hidden fields to get specific guidance.

Provided that the form is successfully embedded into a Turtl Doc, Turtl will search for the above fields within that form and if any of the above fields are found, it will add appropriate values (Turtl Doc title, URL, and an ID) to those fields.

This is especially useful when using the same form URL on different Turtl Docs since it allows you to differentiate the data.

Check out these support articles for specific instructions!

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