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​​​​​​​Getting to what you need as quickly as possible is important and our home page makes it easy to access recently edited/published documents, your top-performing content as well as additional learning resources.

Users can be members of multiple Teams on a Tenant and can easily switch between the Teams they have access to by clicking the Team icons on the left sidebar.

Jump back into your recently edited documents by clicking on the 'Edit' button in the lower right hand side of the Doc. This will take you back into the editor so you can finish off that piece of content.

Keep track and view content that has been recently published in your workspaces by clicking the doc titles on the left.

Keep an eye on your top-performing content in the central column. Click the name of the doc to view it, or click on the reads/sign-ups to be taken straight to the content analytics.

Learn more about using Turtl and creating content in the Turtl Academy - a free online email course with tips on designing, planning, and publishing content in Turtl.

Sign up to ‘30 days to unforgettable content’ here.

You'll find some useful resources in the Inspiration column, located at the right-hand side.

Find more information about Workspaces in Turtl here:

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