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Copying and pasting Immerse widgets
Copying and pasting Immerse widgets

How to move content between Immerse pages

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You can copy and paste any content in an Immerse page to any other page. This includes all the widgets (images, videos, audio, etc…). Follow the steps below to learn how.

1. Highlight what you want to copy

Select what you’d like to copy by highlighting it in the editor.

Tip: Add an empty line before/after the content to help make sure everything is selected.

2. Copy the content

Now that your content is selected you can copy it the same way you would in any other program. Use ctrl/cmd + c or right-click on a highlighted section and select copy. If you know you want to remove the content you can also cut it instead by using ctrl/cmd + x or right-click and select cut.

Note: The layout of the Immerse page will not be copied. Any pinned widgets will be pasted in unpinned, this is to avoid it being pinned on top of something already in a page. To learn more about pinning content check out this article.

3. Paste your content

Navigate to where you want to paste your content then paste it using ctrl/cmd + v or right-click and select paste. It doesn’t need to be the same document, you can paste it back into any Immerse section in any Turtl doc.

Tip: It can be useful to add an empty line to help keep track of where you are pasting the content.

If you have lots of content pinned on the destination page this can cause the newly pasted content to be pushed around it in the document “flow”, leaving it on different pages. There’s a simple way to move all your pinned widgets, read about it in our article on moving content.

If you want to learn more about copying and pasting entire Immerse pages, read our article here on managing your Immerse pages.

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