Editing Published Turtl Docs

Learn how to edit content you've already published

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Once you've published your Turtl Doc, you can keep working on it without the changes automatically being published to the live Doc.

When you make changes on a published Turtl Doc, it will save with 'unpublished changes' until you choose to make your updated version live.

You can share a draft version of the Doc with colleagues to gather feedback on the unpublished changes before making them live. Find out how to share a draft version of your Doc here.

If you would like to set these changes live, click on 'Publish'. If you would like to delete the changes you've made, click on 'unpublished changes' and 'Delete unpublished changes'. If you choose to publish the changes, your live Turtl Doc will be automatically updated.

You can identify which Docs have unpublished changes with the labels in the Docs listing.

If you would like to unpublish your Doc find out more in our article here.

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