Labels allow you to organize the Docs within your account.

You can search labeled Docs from the drop-down box at the top of the Turtl Docs listing.

Adding/removing a label on a Turtl Doc

You can add and remove labels on any Doc by clicking on the edit drop-down menu and selecting Labels.

Note: Adding labels to a live Doc will not affect the Doc itself.

You can then use the checkboxes to select which labels you would like to apply. Click Save to label the Doc with the selected label.

Creating new and removing/editing old labels

Admin users are able to edit the labels available from the Labels menu in the Manage account menu.

To edit a label, simply click into the label box and change as required. To delete a label click the "x" at the end of the label box. After you have finished editing/removing labels, click Save to complete the changes.

To create a new label start typing in the empty label box at the bottom of the label list. You can add more than one new label at a time by clicking the "+" button. Don't forget to click Save in order to complete the changes.

Using labels in your Analytics Dashboard

Another useful feature that Turtl offers is the ability to filter your analytics by using labels. If you created a "internal" label for all the Turtl Docs that are meant to only be seen by people within your company, or if you created a "newsletter" label for your monthly newsletter, using this filter in your analytics dashboard could provide data specific to those Turtl Docs.

Once on your analytics dashboard, navigate to the "All Labels" dropdown and select which label you would like to filter by.

To find out more in-depth information on the Analytics Dashboard, check out the following resource:

Analytics overview

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