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How to configure Single Sign-On (SSO)?
How to configure Single Sign-On (SSO)?

Find out about the benefits of integrating your Single Sign-On provider with Turtl.

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Your company may be using a Single Sign-On (SSO) provider which enables all employees to login to a multitude of different platforms using the same credentials. Integrating your SSO provider with Turtl has two main benefits:

  • Turtl users can utilize their SSO credentials to work on their Turtl Docs from a variety of platforms

  • All company employees must enter their SSO details to read a Turtl Doc. This protects internal business content by ensuring that only those with the necessary credentials can gain access.

What should you do if you are interested in integrating SSO?

SSO authentication is only available with our Professional and Unlimited plans. Please contact your Renewals Manager / Account Director if you want to upgrade your plan.

If your company uses an SSO provider based on SAML 2.0 protocol (Okta, MS Azure, Google, etc), please reach out to, specify which SSO provider you are using and they will provide personalized instructions for your account.

If you’re using an SSO provider that is based on a different protocol, we will need to have a conversation with you to understand more about your requirements and your SSO provider so that we can provide you with a brief and quote for any development required. Please contact your Customer Success Manager or email us at

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