Turtl Stories are naturally SEO friendly and are indexed by all major search engines. However, as always, there are a few additional steps you can take to ensure your content delivers maximum SEO benefit for your brand:

1. Optimise your Story

Here are some SEO tips worth bearing in mind when you're getting ready to publish a Story:

a. Make sure your Story title is descriptive and contains important keywords

The title you give will be indexed by search engines and used in search results, so make sure it's as relevant as possible:

We suggest making your title no longer than 60 characters.

b. Add a description for your Story
Turtl let's you specify a description for each piece of content you create. These descriptions are used by search engines to index and display your content:

Your description will also be used by social media channels to provide more information about your content, so it's well worth providing one.

You can learn how to do this here.

c. Customise your Story URL
Search engines can use the URL of a Story to help determine what it's about, so setting a descriptive URL can help with search rankings and indexing.

You can specify a custom URL for your Story by following the steps here.

2. Optimise your Turtl domain name

By default, your Stories will be served from a domain name that looks something like mycompany.turtl.co . This is ok, but your brand's domain will not accrue any SEO benefit from the content you create.

To address this, we recommend either:

a. Setting up a CNAME with Turtl
This will mean your content can be served from a subdomain of your main domain name (e.g. content.mybrand.com) meaning that any SEO benefit will accrue to your brand's domain. 

You can find instructions for how to do this here.

b. Setting up a reverse proxy.
Some customers prefer to have their Turtl content on a subfolder of their main website (e.g. www.mybrand.com/content). This can be achieved by setting up a reverse proxy.

The nature of this work means it needs to be undertaken by your IT team, but Turtl are happy to offer advice and support where possible.

With either of these options in place, SEO benefit will accrue to your main domain name.

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