Surf pages divide your Story into chapters, allowing readers to quickly find the content they are most interested in.

To create or edit a Surf page, first ensure you are on the Surf tab:

You can now add an image, insert some text and choose some styling options to create your page.

Add an image

Click the Upload button:

Use the Upload image dialog to select your image from a variety of sources.

Crop / re-position your image 

Once an image has been uploaded image, it can be cropped and re-positioned using the Recrop button:

Add some text

Add a heading and subheading to your Surf page to help readers understand what your chapter is about:

You can choose the style and position of your headings using the Style drop down menus. Try to pick a combination which works well with your chosen image.

Finally, choose the colour theme for your section using the colour palette

Add, remove and edit additional chapters

Hover over a Surf page thumbnail in the timeline at the bottom of the editor to access additional options for each page:

From here you can:

• Copy the chapter
• Paste a chapter
• Add an additional chapter
• Delete a chapter
• Reorder the chapters by dragging them

Please note that these actions affect both the Surf and Immerse parts of a chapter.

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