Often, you will want to promote your Turtl Doc on your company website or blog. Turtl provides a range of options to support this as described in this article.

Step 1 - Select "Publish" for your Turtl Doc

Navigate to the main Docs listing page and use the options menu for your Turtl Doc to select "Publish".

Step 2 - Configure your embed

There are several options for customizing your embed:

  1. Size - choose the width and height of your embed

  2. CTA color - choose the color to be used for the CLICK TO READ message above the main graphic. If you wish to remove this message, you can delete the contents of this field.

  3. Animate - choose how the embed should animate: when the user hovers over the embed or constant animation.

  4. Open Doc in - select whether the Doc should open in an overlay on top of the host webpage, or take the user to a new tab.

Step 3 - Copy and paste the embed code

Your embed code will be generated automatically in the Embed code box. Simply copy and paste this into your CMS or website template and your customized embed will appear.

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