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Please note that the user interface is in a prototype phase while we’re validating and has some known limitations. Currently, page linking and sign-up forms are not supported with Inline Immerse.

If you don’t currently have access to these features and would be interested in testing or if you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with

Inline Immerse setting

This setting is especially useful for short-form Docs. The Immerse pages are displayed to the right of the Surf page, so there is no need to click ‘Read on’ for every chapter.

It lays out Immerse pages next to Surf pages and makes a flat Doc.

It can be enabled on a chapter-by-chapter basis so it is possible to have some chapters inline, and others in the normal format.

Doc navigation settings

Note: The below settings will be applied after saving the Doc settings and reloading the Doc.

Access Navigation settings

To switch between the settings and choose the navigation on a Doc-by-Doc basis, navigate to the Doc settings.

You can access Doc settings through the Docs listing:

You can also access Doc settings through the drop-down in the Doc editor:

Navigate to the 'Navigation' tab:

Immerse transition

Decide how users navigate through Surf and Immerse.

  • Lightbox: The reader dives into Immerse by overlaying it over Surf like a lightbox.

  • Page: With the default 'Page' option, the user moves up and down when switching from Surf to Immerse and vice versa.

Page transition

Choose between page-switching styles.

  • You can switch between 'Flip' (default setting), which mimics the analog format of page-switching, and 'Slide' - see below GIF.

  • This setting applies to both Surf and Immerse.

Animated Surf CTA buttons

Draw attention to your Immerse content.

When enabled, this setting applies a subtle pulsing effect on the CTA button, making it easier for readers to notice it.

Navigation arrows

Enable readers to navigate your content with even more ease.

With this option enabled, arrows show up on mouse moves, helping the reader discover the possible ways to navigate through Surf and Immerse.

Immerse breadcrumbs

With this option enabled, the heading of the Surf chapter is displayed at the top of Immerse, as a breadcrumb, making it easier for the reader to navigate through the Doc and remain aware of which chapter they are in.


How will analytics work?

For our initial release, we will not be making any big changes to analytics; Surf and Immerse will be analyzed in the same way as currently.

Will these settings affect mobile navigation?

Mobile navigation will be unaffected in the first version, but it will be explored in future versions.

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