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Simple ways Turtl can make a designer's life easier
Simple ways Turtl can make a designer's life easier

Helpful hints to make the content production process smooth sailing

Written by Rosie Webber
Updated over a week ago

Turtl has a wealth of benefits, but some specific features make the content production process much smoother for designers in particular. Let's take a look at a few:

Simple tips

1️⃣ Use Turtl hand-in-hand with your design software (such as InDesign or Photoshop) to take your Turtl content to the next level

⬆️ Click on a thumbnail to view the above docs, which leverage assets from InDesign to enhance the Turtl content

2️⃣ Save time referring back to brand guidelines by having them hard-coded into your Turtl brand theme

3️⃣ Design your own templates for future time-saving or take inspiration from the
pre-built templates on your dashboard

4️⃣ Streamline and simplify the feedback process with Turtl's commenting functionality

5️⃣ 'Pinning' your content will allow other users to edit the copy without changing your overarching layout - reducing your time spent making copy amends and freeing yourself up for more design work

6️⃣ Update content in an instant, even after a doc has been published. Click republish once you've made your changes.

Other Top Tips

  • Have something in mind for your page design but not sure how you should execute it? Pick up with your CSM (Customer Success Manager), who will be more than happy to help

  • Your CSM can also pick the brains of our design team if the solution
    isn't immediately obvious

  • Create bespoke background imagery for Surf pages using our Surf page InDesign template

    ⬆️ Click the thumbnail to open the PDF

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