With Turtl you can create new content or re-purpose existing content created outside of Turtl. Time and time again, our customers come to us with PDF's that they want to spruce up and make interactive. While Turtlizing content, it's important to be flexible and think differently when migrating the assets into a Turtl Doc. Turtl has different dimensions and is in landscape orientation with different structures and navigation so the Turtl Doc will have a slightly different look and feel.

Click on the Doc below to read our in-depth guide and how-to videos on how to transform a PDF into a Turtl Doc. In a pinch? Keep scrolling through this article for the summarized version with the how-to videos.

Watch the 5 steps from PDF to Turtl Doc below:

Step 1 of 5:
Gather all of your Assets πŸ—‚

Step 2 of 5:
Add your Text to Turtl ✍️

Step 3 of 5:

Add your Images 🏞

Step 4 of 5:
Include Interactivity & Get Creative 🎨

Step 5 of 5:
Prepare to Publish πŸ“£

Need some inspiration? 🀩

Take a look at our customer examples ⬇️

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