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Expert Q&A: How to get inspired when creating a Turtl Doc
Expert Q&A: How to get inspired when creating a Turtl Doc

Get inspired for your next Turtl Docs with tips from Content Creation Manager, Alice.

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Alice Freeman - Content Creation Manager

Q: Where do you find inspiration for designing Turtl Docs?

A: To me, creating a Turtl Doc feels like designing a mini magazine. Inspiration comes easiest when I grab some physical magazines, refer back to my Pinterest board full of editorial inspiration, or check out previous examples of top-performing Turtl Docs to get things going.

Q: How can I achieve an editorial look and feel?

A: In my opinion, the definition of 'editorial' is when a combination of text and curated visuals deliver a clear, coordinated message. Images make up such a large part of the Turtl experience and can really impact how your readers consume your content, so making sure that your images reflect the quality of the copy and deliver a joined-up message is super important. For example, if we're talking about credit spend, we don't want an image of a piggy bank bursting with cash โ€“ just because it's related to money, it doesn't mean it supports what the words are trying to say (plus it's pretty tacky!). Instead, we want to see a natural image of someone at home, using their laptop and making a purchase with their credit card.

Q: How do you ensure you keep your designs fresh?

A: Firstly, check out how your colleagues are using Turtl for fresh takes. Keep an eye on new releases from Turtl too, you'll find new elements to play with all the time โ€“ a favourite of mine was the release of mobile image settings which have totally transformed how we design for mobile view. We also have a revamp of Turtl templates on the horizon. We'll keep you posted about that in due course!

Q: How do you know if your designs are working?

A: Analytics tell all! Unlike sending a PDF out into the ether and never knowing how well your content is received, the analytics dashboard is the best way to really test whether your designs are as effective as you'd hoped.

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