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Expert Q&A: Considerations when moving a PDF to Turtl
Expert Q&A: Considerations when moving a PDF to Turtl

If you’re not already using the PDF Importer, discover tips and tricks from Content Creator Kerry on how to convert your PDF to Turtl format

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Kerry Arnot - Content Creator

Q: What first steps do you take when transforming an existing PDF into a Turtl Doc?

A: I start by separating the content to form logical Surf chapters, making sure the flow/split works – I take lead from either a contents page (if there is one) or headings and subheadings in the PDF. From this, I can then make a plan for Immerse, image sourcing and interactive elements.

Q: How do you approach taking content that is traditionally portrait and making it work as landscape?

A: I try not to let the existing PDF dictate too much how I reimagine the content in Turtl. For me, the key is choosing the right column width to reflect the original PDF rather than copying the existing content like-for-like.

Q: Have you ever come across a PDF that hasn’t worked well in Turtl? (Hopefully not!)

A: No, I personally haven’t experienced that myself! No matter how long the content, you can always rework layouts to make them fit. Also, just because your content fits on one page of a PDF, it doesn’t mean it needs to fit onto one page on Immerse! Splitting out of the content gives everything space to breathe.

Q: How do you go about working interactive elements to an otherwise static PDF?

A: When it comes to widgets, they always add visual value to the Doc and take it to the next level! For example, I pull out parts of the copy to turn into quotes or re-work as poll questions. Widgets are a useful way of helping with space challenges and making the page more interesting and interactive at the same time.

Q: What are your favourite types of content to transform into Turtl Docs?

A: I enjoy extracting design elements (i.e. clipping shapes) from any PDF and then reworking them for Immerse. When adding these elements, be sure to turn off 'Fill Frame' in the configuration. You can also use the crop tool which helps position shapes in more interesting ways.

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