Bulk move your Turtl Docs

Move more than one Turtl Doc at a time to a different workspace

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Manage your content between workspaces by selecting which Docs you would like to move from one workspace to another.


Admins, Publishers, Editors and Contributors

Note: When moving from All Docs to another workspace, you will need the correct role to do so in that particular workspace. If you don’t have the relevant permission, the Doc won’t move and you will get an error message pop-up.


In All Docs, My Docs and each of your workspaces.

Step 1: Select your Turtl Docs

Either select all by clicking the check box at the top of the list or select the individual Docs you wish to move.

To clear your selection click on the top left check box or manually select the desired check boxes.

Step 2: Select Move Docs

Once your Docs are chosen, click on ‘Move Docs’

Step 3: Choose the Workspace

From the drop-down menu choose the workspace you wish to move your Docs to.

Note: You can only select one workspace in this menu.

Then press OK.

Your Docs will now be in the workspace that you selected.

If you have moved the Doc from My Docs or All Docs, the Turtl Doc will still remain there as well as the new workspace. However, if you move from one workspace to another, it will be removed from the previous workspace.

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