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Uploading SoundCloud audio into Turtl
Uploading SoundCloud audio into Turtl

How to embed SoundCloud audio files into your Turtl Docs

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Add SoundCloud audio files easily into your Immerse pages by extracting your MP3 file and using Turtl’s audio widget. Let’s step through the process.

1. Add your audio to the RSS feed

First, make sure that your audio file is uploaded to SoundCloud in MP3 format. Once you’ve done so, add this file to your RSS feed (instructions on how to do this here).

2. Access the RSS feed

Next, access your account’s RSS feed. To do this, copy the URL of your SoundCloud profile and paste it here. Then, click enter.

Note: Your pasted URL should be in the following format: - you can find this URL by navigating to your SoundCloud profile and copying the link in the search bar.

Under ‘Result’ you should see your account page. Here, select the ‘RSS feed’ button. This will open the RSS feed HTML in a new tab.

3. Copy the MP3 file link

In the RSS feed HTML tab, search for your MP3 file link. The code will look like the image below. Look for url=" the link will be between the quotes ".

Note: Make sure the URL begins with https:// and ends with .mp3

4. Paste the MP3 link into Turtl

Now simply open the Immerse page where you want to embed your audio file, choose Turtl’s audio widget and paste the MP3 link. Success!

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