Note: These features are available for Personalization customers only. If you’re interested in getting personalization set up on your account, reach out to your CSM or contact

Manual Personalization

Manual personalization allows individual users to personalize any Doc. They can do this by adding personalization tokens and page rules into Docs, and then by building a personalization form. Users with personalizer roles can then fill out a simple form to manually personalize a Doc.

Batch Personalization

Batch personalization allows users to create multiple personalizations of one Doc at once. By uploading customer data via a CSV file, users can generate thousands of personalized Docs in seconds to send to customers. Note: users with personalizer roles are unable to batch personalize. Batch personalization is available for users with any role above personalizer. If you would like to enable batch personalization, reach out to or your CSM.

Public Personalization

Public personalization allows readers to personalize their own reading experience. Using a publicly accessible personalization form, readers can generate their own personalized Doc.

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