Let's take a look at getting Azure AD SSO set up with Turtl.

Step 1 - Navigate to "Azure Active Directory" within the main Azure menu

Step 2 - Next, choose "Enterprise Applications"

Step 3 - Click "New application"

Step 4 - Search for and install "Azure AD SAML Toolkit"

Step 5 - From the Azure AS SAML Toolkit menu, click "Assign users and groups" and configure the accounts that should have access to Turtl

Step 6 - Back on the Azure AD SAML Toolkit menu, choose "Set up single sign on"

Step 7 - Then, choose "SAML"

Step 8 - On the next screen, click the edit button next to "Basic SAML Configuration"

Step 9 - Configure the integration

Input the following values, replacing {tenantName} with the name of your Turtl tenant in each case:

  • Identifier (Entity ID) – https://{tenantName}.turtl.co

  • Reply URL – https://{tenantName}.turtl.co/user/login/callback

  • Sign on URL – https://{tenantName}.turtl.co/user/login

  • Logout URL – https://{tenantName}.turtl.co/user/logout

In case you are using a custom domain (CNAME), for example, https://turtl.mycompany.com, input the following:

Then press "Save" to save your values.

Step 10 - Click the "Download" button next to Federation Metadata XML

Step 11 - Send the metadata file to support@turtl.co

We'll check the details, configure the rest of the integration, and let you know once everything's complete.

For further information on SSO integration, please refer to our other guides:

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