Turtl supports embedding HubSpot forms in place of the default Turtl lead capture form. All Turtl needs is a little bit of information about your form, and this article will show you how this is done.

1. Create your form URL

To embed a Spotler form into a Turtl Doc, you need 3 pieces of information:

  • shortCode,

  • instanceName and

  • smartFormId

You will need these to create the form URL, such as:


2. Tell Turtl about your form

Navigate to the main Turtl Docs listing page and choose "Settings" for the Turtl Doc you wish to use the form on:

On the Settings page, choose the "Forms" tab:

Paste the URL into the default form box and save.

Note: If this is the first time your company has added a form to Turtl it will not have styling applied. Please contact support@turtl.co once your form has been added to a Turtl Doc and we will be able to get it styled for you.

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