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Configuring Your Microsoft Dynamics Integration
Configuring Your Microsoft Dynamics Integration

Turtl and Microsoft Dynamics 365 can share data to provide features such as individual reader profiles.

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1. Tell us to enable the integration

Contact your Customer Success Manager or to get the integration enabled on your accounts. All teams within the tenant will have access to the available integrations.

Note: Microsoft Dynamics does not allow you to expose the contact ID. The only way to use a lead capture URL with Microsoft Dynamics is if you are able to retrieve the contact IDs manually from MSD, and build a lead capture URL. This is a process that is completed externally and not something Turtl can support.

2. Enter your organization's URL

Once the integration has been enabled, click ‘Manage integrations’ in your account settings.

In the Microsoft Dynamics tab click Add an additional Microsoft Dynamics Integration.

Give your integration a label and enter your organization's API Host URL.

To find it, first, get the base URL of your Dynamics instance. It will look like this:


(Note: it may not be crm11, but crm8, crm9, crm10, etc…)

You can copy it from the address bar when you’re logged into your Dynamics account.

Once you have it, add .api after the part with your organization.

So, if your base URL is:

You would update it to:

Enter this new URL into the field in Turtl, and save the settings.

3. Authorize access

You will see another button appear labeled 'Authorize Turtl to access Dynamics via Oauth'. When you click this button, you will be redirected to Microsoft Dynamics and asked to log in, if you are not already logged in. After that, you will be asked to review the list of permissions Turtl requires.

After accepting, you will be redirected back to the Turtl page. Below is an example that shows when your integration is working correctly in Turtl.

Add an additional Microsoft Dynamics integration

If you need to add another Microsoft Dynamics integration just click Add additional Microsoft Dynamics integration and follow the instructions in steps 2 & 3.

Note: Any additional integration will need to be applied to a specific workspace or Doc by our Turtl's technical support team. Contact your CSM or for more information.

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