Managing users on your account

​​​​​​​If you are an admin for your Turtl account you’re able to add, remove and manage users. This lets you set different abilities for each person who works on a doc, whether they are an editor, publisher, contributor, or viewer.

Adding a user to your account

To add a user to your account click the drop-down arrow next to your name in the top left, then select “manage users”.

You’ll then see a list of all current users. To add a new user click “Invite new” in the top right corner.

Enter their name and email and then select the role required.

The roles explained:

Admin - Can see all workspaces, manage users within those workspaces, manage integrations. and change brand information (privacy policies, terms, cookie policies).

All other roles can only see workspaces they have been given access to and only manage users within those workspaces if they are an Admin of that workspace.


The “Single-Sign-On” (SSO) option will be presented to you if your company has SSO login enabled. If you have an SSO option, we recommend requiring users to login with an SSO for security reasons. You can find out more about getting your company SSO set up here.

Removing a user from your account

Navigate to the user list by clicking “manage users” from the drop-down in the top left.

Click the arrow next to edit and you will be able to remove the user.

Confirm that you want to delete the user in the pop-up and they will be removed.

Editing users on your account

You can adit the permissions set when creating users in the same place. Simply click the “Edit” button.

If a user hasn’t activated their account you’ll be able to resend the activation email by clicking “Resend Activation”.

For information on adding, removing and managing users within workspaces click here.

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