The workspaces dashboard provides you with insight across all of the Turtl Docs your company has created. Here you can find out how many readers you have overall, how they are reading your content, and which Docs are the most popular.

Accessing the workspaces dashboard

To access your workspaces dashboard, log in to your Turtl account, and click Analytics on the left-hand side.

You can filter the data in the following ways by using the dropdown menus at the top of the page:

  • Timeframe (defaults to last 30 days)

  • Workspace

  • Source

  • Country

  • Label

  • UTM tags

  • CRM list (requires integration)

Below these filters, your data is broken down into the following sections:


Within the overview, you can view a line graph of reads and a bar chart of leads over time. This section also provides key headline metrics such as reads, readers, and shares. Hover over the graph to view metrics from specific dates. You can learn more about what these metrics mean in our metrics guide here.

Reads by source, device, and location

This section allows you to see how your readers are accessing your content. You can apply filters at the top of the page to view data by source, device, and location:

Source: See how people opened your content. For example, did they click a link directly (for example from an email) or did they come from your website or a social network? Using this data can help you to decide where to promote your Turtl Docs to gain more readers.

Device: See what devices people are using to read your content - desktop, mobile, or tablet. It can be interesting to use the filters at the top of the page to see if this impacts the device type the readers use. For example, use the Source filter to find out if readers who opened the Turtl Doc from your website are mostly using a desktop, or if readers who link to the Turtl Doc from social media are doing so from mobile.

Location: See where your readers are located physically. Perhaps you're targeting a particular market and would like to see if your content is starting to make an impact.

Most Read Docs

This table provides a rundown of all of the Docs that have been read, ordered by the number of reads. For each Doc, you can see the number of reads, readers, leads, and shares as well as average read time and bounce rate.

Click the title of any Turtl Doc in the list to see the analytics for that particular Doc, or click the icon under the Link column to view the Doc itself. Find out more about the content analytics page here.

Known Readers

This section allows you to see a list of your known readers, how many Turtl Docs they have read, and for how long. In order for Turtl to identify a user, they need to have completed a lead capture form, received a personalized URL, entered a password to read the Doc or be recognized by your CRM integration. Find out how to get individualized reader analytics here.

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